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Translation of Evidence into Practice: Influence of Leadership




Leadership and the Change Process


Institutional Affiliation

Leadership and the Change Process

Translation of Evidence into Practice: Influence of Leadership

Leadership plays a critical role in translating evidence into practice. The work of a leader is to influence followers. Effective leaders understand their people, strengths, and passion (White, Dudley-Brown & Terharr, 2016). They put them to work in service of a well-focused vision that is articulated as compelling strategic intent. As a nurse leader, I believe that the success of my work is pegged on connecting people by giving them a goal and purpose (White, Dudley-Brown & Terharr, 2016). The task of translating evidence into practice offers an ideal avenue through which to attain these connections and change the outcomes of patients, organizations, and community members. The challenge that a nurse leader is burdened with is to develop environment and culture that systematically support the task of translation, reward initiative, and expedite the success of engaged people and the task that they pursue. Also, it’s important to model and teach the essentials for translation since leadership requires that available resources be accessible to followers to necessitate the work (White, Dudley-Brown & Terharr, 2016).

My Proposed Evidence-Based Change

My proposed evidence-based change agenda is to encourage health professionals to adopt electronic health records to promote positive patient outcomes. By embracing these technologies, the organization hopes to accurately document patients’ medical history and avoid inaccuracies and errors that pose risks to patients. This valuable technological instrument will provide a major source of practice evidence that can support the process of determining the best course of action for patient care. Information gathered from this health information system can be utilized to translate evidence into practice through supporting medical diagnoses by signs and symptoms and acting as data repositories for patient health requirements. The proposed technological change will also be used to gather accurate medical information including most recent research work related to the health problems encountered. Further, thee tools will serve as sources of treatment histories that can be referred by health professionals while in practice.

Applying theory to Implement the Proposed Change

There are various concepts and strategies that I can utilize to implement the proposed change. First, leadership that results in change requires creating a vision for the proposed change. These may include improving operational efficiency, reducing errors in medication, and improving employee motivation through reduction of burden (Kotter, 2007). A vision is a necessary tool for directing the change agenda. Apart from a vision, it is an essential tool to develop a proper communication plan to create awareness to all organizational members on the change effort. When all professionals and colleagues are informed of the change effort, they are less likely to resist the proposals. This medium is particularly true when they are encouraged to give feedback and views on how the change can generate the desired fruits of positive patient outcomes. Furthermore, stakeholder participation and collaboration are key (Kotter, 2007). When all members are encouraged to participate in the change, they will feel that they are part of the organization and change efforts.

Developing My Leadership Skills

There are various ways in which the practicum experience and setting are improving and developing my leadership skills. For instance, the practicum experience has given me more insights into how to influence people. Through the experiences, I have gained knowledge and understanding in areas such as communication skills, and problem-solving capabilities. I have also been able to gain insights into the art of listening to people’s divergent views and bringing good ideas together to create a positive environment for patient care.


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